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Blaque Technology is an Internet Marketing Company owned and operated by Kenny Blaque. The purpose of the company is to connect the dots between technology, the public, and the entertainment business. By utilizing both new and existing technologies we enhance the identity, online sales, and internet presence of artists, Clothing Vendors, models, actors, and celebrities, with their both their existing and newly created audiences. Each member of our group has extensive experience with the music and entertainment business over the past twenty years from songwriting, studio ownership, studio recording, concerts, fashion shows, record sales and marketing, and television production. Currently, Blaque Technology is launching the brands Wall Dawgz and Wall Dolls, Hot Fashion Shows, creating “Personalized” Ringtones, and promoting the brand New Company of Kenny Blaque (Blaque Manufacturing/ Big Front Uniforms) Full Clothing Manufacturing in Downtown La

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Barbara J Nickerson

Posted by admin On July - 5 - 2017


Corn Bread Hut

Posted by admin On June - 9 - 2017


image3image51 Contact Will to order the Best Corn Bread in Los Angeles. Will@thecornbreadhut.com

Born Lucky Casting

Posted by admin On June - 4 - 2017

born-lucky-now-castingWorld Number 1 marketer is now casting the Biggest Story in Wall Street History. Play by Play on what happened and all the true charters that was involved. Casting will be held for 3 month in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach. Good Luck

Please read up on the story before applying. Click on the Born Lucky flyer to read up on the story….

Casting for:

5 FBI agents
8 Drug Deal different races
15 Computer Tech’s
1 Policy underwriter
1 child age 4-7 African American
50 models from Blaque Technology members
3 Pastors
10 Police officers
3 Telephone Operators
4 Hair Stylist
10 Gang members
2 Dj’s
1 Crazy Girlfriend
1 Clothing Manufacturing owner
10 Designers with clothing lines
More to be cast soon….

Blaque Tech

Posted by admin On April - 24 - 2017


Concerts For Humanity

Posted by admin On March - 17 - 2017

Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® is entertainment based and social service driven. This means that the ability to execute the divinely inspired mission is accomplished through the utilization of the universal language of music to bring our appeal to the masses in the form of concert events. The appeal is greatly enhanced through the utilization of the celebrity, image and likeness of award winning recording artists, sports figures and others through local, national or international fundraising events. The artistry of cinematography, social media, mainstream media and word of mouth are the other essential tools that are employed.

Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® is particularly concerned about charities that have experienced severe budget cuts or those unable to acquire needed funding. Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® focuses on these areas because charitable giving has also decreased in the wake of financial reductions in the budgets from government assistance, private individuals, and many philanthropic organizations. The Board of Directors believes we are our brother’s keepers. While our goal is to have a global impact, our belief in the old adage that charity starts at home, American charitable initiatives are our primary focus.

Participation by luminaries in the fields of entertainment, sports, business, and financial communities will generate considerable local, national and international exposure because of their stature, popularity, in conjunction with Concerts For Humanity’s marketing and public relations efforts and Sponsors.

Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® will positively impact the lives of a larger number of individuals and families who are recipients of the charities we support from funds generated from our events. Proceeds raised from projects will be donated to a selected charity locally, nationally and internationally, and assist Concerts For Humanity, Inc. to launch other events and collaborative efforts that “Help Us Make A Difference Against The Odds And Stop The Cycle of Human Suffering”.Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® was divinely inspired in August 2007, and soon after created by its founder and president Shirley Maxwell, a former social worker and entertainment consultant. In February 2014, Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® was granted its 501 (c) (3) status by the IRS.

The mission of Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® is to financially assist charities without limitation of location locally, nationally or internationally whose focus is to eradicate or ease Human Suffering in areas not limited to:
Military Families and Veterans
Natural Disaster Driven Problems

Click on Picture to go to Concerts Humanity Web Site web-heading


Posted by admin On March - 15 - 2017

Elementary Students Working At Computers In Classroom

1st time in Las Vegas History Karaoke for the youth. A chance in a lifetime for our youth can express yourself singing and modeling over a nice dinner setting. Audition will be held at a private location in Las Vegas. If your selected you will be able to sing and walk the runway with Leg6endary Singers, and Upcoming models. There will be a registration fee of $9.99 this includes membership with Blaque Technology models for 6 months of marketing you to our designers and music clients. Good Luck, if you have any question feel free to give our office a call



Blaque Technology
424 225 2783


Posted by admin On February - 7 - 2017

gypsy-cafe1American Gypsy Cafe presents Las Vegas Dinner Date, featuring Top Singers and Impersonators perform during a dinner setting. Selected artists will perform 2 songs: one song from the past that caters to the theme, then an original song. Artists must bring at least 5 paying fans to get paid. Please contact us if you’re a artist and interested in this event please email kennyblaque@gmail.com to book your time slot.

SNJ ‘The Nu”

Posted by admin On November - 8 - 2016

snj-logoBlack Owned Clothing store Location in North Las Vegas specializing in custom clothing, suits, and women clothing

Click Logo for FaceBook information. GOD Bless

Tha Hood Bad Business Report

Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2016

warning-1Brand new from brain chain Kenny Blaque “If the credit Bureau’s can do so can we. Brand new Tha Hood Bad Business Report. If you got evidence of a bad business deal or contract. We will blast the hell out of it to let our hood peeps know not to use or patronize their business. And they can not take it off until the problem has been solve on both ends. Contact us to get shout out to the bad b

MIDAS We have a client that took her car to the shop to get one thing done and the charge her for something total different and then did not fix the problem over $1100 dollars of work done. She went to another Mechanic and he had to do everything over a out of the pocket again for $900.00. Midas on Durango shame on you for charging women for stuff they don’t even know about. What a bad business.

North End Pizza The owner Sapundzhiev Ivo Venelinov Don’t pay his Bills and the pizza is served cold and hard and a refund you will not get. This owner don’t even pay rent where he lives, this is from our client that rented to him……

Chase check out their new policies on getting a new account

Medrano Pest Control

Posted by admin On August - 3 - 2016

pest-controlMedrano Pest Control one of Las Vegas most dependable pest control company. With all the right tool and technology they are able to control and Keep the bugs away Please click logo for the Medrano Pest Control Web site

Alexis Styles Extensions

Posted by admin On April - 14 - 2016


Alexis Styles is a company whose passion is to provide high quality human hair extensions for women all over the world. Our clientele range from glamorous stay at home moms, city women to young ladies and celebrities. Alexis Styles has made an impression on women from all different walks of life and here’s why…Not only are the hair extensions of exceptional quality, but Alexis Styles also prides itself by operating via a Fair Trade Policy only, working exclusively with 100% natural human hair extensions and honoring all employees hard work.

Unlike other companies claiming to provide ’100% human hair’, Alexis Styles is true to its word and under no circumstances is the hair treated with heavy chemicals or vast processing. Instead, hair is completely natural which is seen through the earthy colors and the way the hair is formulated. With an excellent reputation Alexis Styles is dedicated to maintaining exclusivity, top quality and trust, the very foundations of our values.

“I have worn several types of hair extensions and now I have the loose body wave from AlexisStyles! It is fantastic! I can wear my hair without problems in a pony tail, loose or thrown back and the extensions are completely invisible. The hair also feels very natural and I can do everything with it that I would want to do with my own hair. Thanks AlexisStyles!”

Otha B’s Sweets

Posted by admin On March - 19 - 2016


Hello world thank you for coming to my site. I feel it my duty and my experience that has motivated me to build this network of food for patience with need and full of life. With the help Of Blaque Technology Marketing we are looking forward in helping your with your recreational medicated uses. Coming to a Dispensary near you……

Just As I am

Posted by admin On July - 6 - 2015


Wall Dolls is one of our brands at Blaque Technology, I’m sure you’ve seen the “Fathead” wall sticker commercials right? Wall Dolls are what everybody wants, the hottest wallsticker around! We are having an online contest to find the hottest model in the USA to become Wall Dolls, or Walldogz and be in the 2016 Wall Dolls calendars. The ones selected will get a contract for one year, and paid a percentage of Wall Dolls Calendars, and Wall Dolls Graphix sales. If your WallDoll or Walldogz Graphix is one of the top sellers you’ll get paid a higher percentage. Just As Iam is also having a Drawing for there new produce. Please click on the Banner for more information. Good Luck

Arize Medical Equipment Repair

Posted by admin On June - 13 - 2015

arizeArize Medical Equipment Sales, Service And Repair. Arize Medical is a leader in the community with over 20 years of experience, always striving to serve it’s patients’ needs. We understand when you request our services it is usually due to an illness or injury beyond your control. Our Mission is to provide appropriate, safe and quality services, medical equipment, supplies and related products to the patients and clients residing in our Las Vegas area and surroundings. Arize’s vision is to become the best and most reliable home medical equipment service provider by applying the highest standards of excellence in our service and keeping the values and ethics. Our goal is to serve you safely, professionally and with efficiency. Our staff makes sure the patient is the most important part of any transaction. Arize Medical must recognize and assess each individual’s needs and provide equipment and services to maximize each patients quality of care. Manual Wheelchairs Canes Supplies General Items Exercise Equipment Rollators Maternity Rental Entertainment Rehab Equipment SCF - Basic Order Frames Bath Safety Power Mobility Visit our online Store


Vittorio Marchesi

Posted by admin On March - 30 - 2015

VITTORIO-MARCHESI.COM Blaque Technology Top Clothing Vendor Click on Logo to go to their Web Site

Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall

Posted by admin On September - 11 - 2014


The Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame (formerly African American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame) was established in 2000 in Oakland, California to broaden the public understanding of ethnic history and the role of diversity and cultural tolerance in the growth of professional sports.

MESHOF gives the worldthe opportunity to better understand the impact African Americans and other ethnic groups have had on professional sports and society. Over 350 retired athletes have been enshrined, as well as coaches. Over 200 community leaders have been honored at our induction ceremonies. In addition, more than 125 sports legends and over 50 current players support our Hall of Fame Programs.

We have “honored” many non-minorities in the past with various community awards because these honorees have a deep-seeded commitment to community service and help keep our community whole. With society becoming more multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic, since 2010 began inducting athletes no matter their race, creed or color.

While we are honoring community leaders, sports heroes and heroines from the past, we want to also draw attention to our after school intervention programs (in the cities where our ceremonies are held), through which we address the dismal academic performance of our youth. We emphasize that it’s not about career wins; it’s about real life victories.

Many of our social problems-crime, unemployment, and homelessness-are a direct result of an education system that has failed our youth. We have provided employment training and job opportunities for over 100 young people in four years from our Academic Achievers Academy.

MESHOF not only recognizes deserving athletes and community leaders, but is structured to help young people enter the curve of excellence and carve out a better and vibrant future. And we are committed to do even more to empower our youth to lead productive lives. We are a 501(c) (3) nonprofit.

MESHOF presents a weekly global Internet talk show: National and International Roundtable at 7pm EST with national and international guests and addressing many topics besides sports.





New Events

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Born Lucky Casting

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Blaque Tech

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Born Lucky

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A Second Chance For W.I.N.G.S.

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