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Mobile Billboards are becoming a mainstream way to Advertise. It’s almost impossible for a local business to effectively advertise on a budget that fits there company means.Blaque Technology and some affiliates will help to custom design and deliver your advertising messages to Las Vegas neighborhoods and local communities. Mobile billboard advertising takes advertising to consumers while they shop, as they commute to work, and as they live their lives. Blaque Technology Superior Advertisement will custom geo-targeted routing makes it easy to build top-of-mind awareness with consumers, to introduce new products, and to communicate competitive differences. Our LED mobile truck provide screen exposure, reach, and frequency in communities where other forms of outdoor advertising are minimal or non-existent.
Blaque Technology Superior Advertisement will include local car dealerships, event promoters, quick-serve restaurants, telecommunications, Talent, cellular companies, political candidates, neighborhoods, restaurants, and businesses.

Advantages It’s impossible for your ad to be skipped, blocked Hacked or ignored. 70% of your time is spent outside of the home. We deliver vehicular and pedestrian impressions in a unique and superior way.

Blaque Technology LED digital mobile billboard trucks take your message directly to your intended target anytime / anywhere.

The only impressions that matter are the ones that are remembered.

FLEXIBLE – We’re available for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual programs as well as AM and PM drives.

This type of advertisement is very expensive but with Blaque Technology Affiliate program we made it affordable for the small business owners to share the advertisement to help improve our awareness to our communities. Advertisers can run unlimited static or video creatives in the rotation and change it as often as you would like.

Routes are created utilizing proprietary demographic and psychographic targeting software.

Facebook Live, Live video streaming / Broadcast anything anywhere.

Please contact our office to discuss our unique pricing and affiliate program

Non-profits Specials– $140 a month will get your company 1 Day a month of advertising your company on our LED Truck Screens 4 hours of designated marketing. Upon a 1 year contract.

Small Businesses Specials- $160 a month will get your company 4 hours a month of advertising your company services on our LED Truck Screens 4 hours of designated marketing. Upon a 1 year contract ($40 an hour 4-hour minimum)

Standard $100 set up fee required for creating specs and logo sizing for LED screens. Once your companies logo in our system we can make necessary changes as needed.

The Las Vegas Strip prices available upon contact.

Please give us a call to discuss your unique way of advertising your company to our Local neighborhoods and communities

OUR ROUTE FOR THIS PROMOTION WILL BE: From the Santa Fe Casino down Rancho to Sahara then return down MLK make a left on Lake Mead to Rancho and Right on Rancho then up to the Santa Fe Casino, for 4 hours 3 pm to 7 pm.

We looking forward to setting in traffic during the business time of the day. AM for 5-8am is an option.

This is Brand New way of advertising and Branding your company, we suggest you include some type of special that outrage just to bring the traffic to your location.

Prices without Special $60 an hour 8-hour minimum.

Our Special will begin on Thursday, March 22nd 3 pm until 7:30 pm

Please send your logo, in-store specials, website, contact information, and address, so we can create your Banner AD to your approval.

Thank you for your time and helping to create an awareness for business in the local area

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