About Us

Blaque Technology is an Internet Marketing Company owned and operated by Kenny Blaque. The purpose of the company is to connect the dots between technology, the public, and the entertainment business. By utilizing both new and existing technologies we enhance the identity, online sales, and internet presence of artists, Clothing Vendors, models, actors, and celebrities, with their both their existing and newly created audiences. Each member of our group has extensive experience with the music and entertainment business over the past twenty years from songwriting, studio ownership, studio recording, concerts, fashion shows, record sales and marketing, and television production. Currently, Blaque Technology is launching the brands Wall Dawgz and Wall Dolls, Hot Fashion Shows, creating a Personalized Ringtones, New Cell phone service, Mobile marketing, Digital Currency,   and promoting the brand New Company of Kenny Blaque (Blaque Manufacturing/ Big Front Uniforms) Full Clothing Manufacturing in Downtown La

Internet advertising has continued to grow as more and more households are using the internet for online shopping, reviews of hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, search for niche products, movie rentals, and TV show replays. Our roots in on the street advertising bridge the gap between the online savvy and the online confused. Our expertise in sign-walkers, sign-spinners, and flyer distribution combined with our e-mail blasts and website advertising give you the ability to reach a broad group of people.

A few of our most recent projects are promoting the new energy drink Arctic Ice, creating Personalized Ringtones, New wifi Service provider, Live Streaming,  Provide models for Clothing Convention Vendors, Blaque Manufacturing, and our own product line Wall Dawgz and Wall Dolls, life-size wall stickers. With our new products we cater to the Clothing market, work with NBA moms, clubs, Conventions, tournaments, and work with Actors, models, athletic departments, gyms, and more.

Our company will focus on”BlaqueTec.com” ” Featuring non-union actors, musical talent, modeling, Dancing. We have retail kiosks strategically located in high traffic areas such as shopping malls (indoor and outdoor), grocery stores, Casino vendors prime locations. We will also employ feet on the street and outbound calling and Street Team to maximize our opportunities. In addition, our entertainment division produces a fashion show and other events for the Urban demographic.

If you like to be apart of Blaque Technology Members or Advertisement we have special membership until the end of November 2018 $50 for an entire year of marketing you or your profession. Click the link below for Membership, Remember All Blaque Technology members are select first in our Productions. You will get first opportunity to book the gigs first before the public get to apply….