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Concerts For Humanity

Posted by admin On March - 17 - 2017

Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® is entertainment based and social service driven. This means that the ability to execute the divinely inspired mission is accomplished through the utilization of the universal language of music to bring our appeal to the masses in the form of concert events. The appeal is greatly enhanced through the utilization of the celebrity, image and likeness of award winning recording artists, sports figures and others through local, national or international fundraising events. The artistry of cinematography, social media, mainstream media and word of mouth are the other essential tools that are employed.

Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® is particularly concerned about charities that have experienced severe budget cuts or those unable to acquire needed funding. Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® focuses on these areas because charitable giving has also decreased in the wake of financial reductions in the budgets from government assistance, private individuals, and many philanthropic organizations. The Board of Directors believes we are our brother’s keepers. While our goal is to have a global impact, our belief in the old adage that charity starts at home, American charitable initiatives are our primary focus.

Participation by luminaries in the fields of entertainment, sports, business, and financial communities will generate considerable local, national and international exposure because of their stature, popularity, in conjunction with Concerts For Humanity’s marketing and public relations efforts and Sponsors.

Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® will positively impact the lives of a larger number of individuals and families who are recipients of the charities we support from funds generated from our events. Proceeds raised from projects will be donated to a selected charity locally, nationally and internationally, and assist Concerts For Humanity, Inc. to launch other events and collaborative efforts that “Help Us Make A Difference Against The Odds And Stop The Cycle of Human Suffering”.Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® was divinely inspired in August 2007, and soon after created by its founder and president Shirley Maxwell, a former social worker and entertainment consultant. In February 2014, Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® was granted its 501 (c) (3) status by the IRS.

The mission of Concerts For Humanity, Inc. ® is to financially assist charities without limitation of location locally, nationally or internationally whose focus is to eradicate or ease Human Suffering in areas not limited to:
Military Families and Veterans
Natural Disaster Driven Problems

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