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Blaque Technology is an Internet Marketing Company owned and operated by Kenny Blaque. The purpose of the company is to connect the dots between technology, the public, and the entertainment business. By utilizing both new and existing technologies we enhance the identity, online sales, and internet presence of artists, Clothing Vendors, models, actors, and celebrities, with their both their existing and newly created audiences. Each member of our group has extensive experience with the music and entertainment business over the past twenty years from songwriting, studio ownership, studio recording, concerts, fashion shows, record sales and marketing, and television production. Currently, Blaque Technology is launching the brands Wall Dawgz and Wall Dolls, Hot Fashion Shows, creating “Personalized” Ringtones, and promoting the brand New Company of Kenny Blaque (Blaque Manufacturing/ Big Front Uniforms) Full Clothing Manufacturing in Downtown La

Tha Hood Bad Business Report

Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2016

warning-1Brand new from brain chain Kenny Blaque “If the credit Bureau’s can do so can we. Brand new Tha Hood Bad Business Report. If you got evidence of a bad business deal or contract. We will blast the hell out of it to let our hood peeps know not to use or patronize their business. And they can not take it off until the problem has been solve on both ends. Contact us to get shout out to the bad b

MIDAS We have a client that took her car to the shop to get one thing done and the charge her for something total different and then did not fix the problem over $1100 dollars of work done. She went to another Mechanic and he had to do everything over a out of the pocket again for $900.00. Midas on Durango shame on you for charging women for stuff they don’t even know about. What a bad business.

North End Pizza The owner Sapundzhiev Ivo Venelinov Don’t pay his Bills and the pizza is served cold and hard and a refund you will not get. This owner don’t even pay rent where he lives, this is from our client that rented to him……

Chase check out their new policies on getting a new account

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