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Born Lucky

Posted by admin On March - 10 - 2015

Born Lucky


The Synopsis “Born Lucky”

Kenny Blaque a real street dude, of 44 can only remember the time everything he does relied on his wits and street smarts. In fact he realized at an early age he had the charm and the ability to make people believe anything he said. He also realized he had the ability to bring Large amount of people together for different events. And so Kenny chose a lifestyle that suited him. Kenny Blaque Become a internet marketer. Kenny Blaque life, like everyone’s life was filled with good and bad. But lately Kenny Realized that his life was so unpredictable. After going to College in Los Angeles and getting into the music industry his life changed. He started playing basketball and thought it was a great sport and begin looking into the money made by the game. Kenny believed that he can fill a stadium and get paid like the big wigs. During his journey Kenny ran into Bank robbers, Dope dealing, Street hustlers, Gang Bangers, Business owners, and leading internet creators. Then he ran into American most corrupt business in the world “The Stock Market” 6.5 Billion Dollar made off a idea that he created and Wall Street let the corruption continue. Living life in Las Vegas he realize how Las Vegas is not right with Black people and maybe part of the entire scam. Who is Who This is a true story. A Webisode has been created to tell his story.

Born Lucky Casting Call

FOR THE Web Series Born Lucky (Life of Kenny Blaque) Wall Street Biggest Story unfolded) (Non-union, Las Vegas, California, New York and surrounding area of the West Coast)


KIDS- All ethnicities. Ages 5-14.

KIDS Basketball - African American boys who know and understand the game of basketball ages 6-12.

Extra’s MEN & WOMEN- 21-60 years old, of Blacks, Greek, White, Middle Eastern Descent

Drug Dealers- 18-50 year old Male Black and Hispanic

School Teacher- 22-70 years of age

Cocktail Waitress 21-30

FED Agents 28-45

Police officers

Haters all ages

Dj’s must have Vinyl

Assembly men Black men 30-50 years of age

Hip Hop Artists must have there own material, copyrights ect…

R & B Artists must be able to sing songs from the past

Please submit the following to blaquetechnology@yahoo.com

Please include:
Current Photo
Height, Weight
Contact information/phone number
What you are submitting for: (kids Basketball, Adult Basketball, Women, Men, and Kid models. kids..etc.)

**We are starting to make calls so if you already submitted, please check your phones and emails!

Back to Basic Dinner and Fashion show will be a live event where models and artists will perform. This will be a regular promoted event where talent can be filmed for the web series, make a little money, and exposure. Beginning February 2017. This event will be video taped scenes for web series 3 shows for Las Vegas and then 5 scene from La Restaurant.
Auditions will start Saturday December 3rd at A Second Chance for W.I.N.G.S. Thrift Store Address: 2815 West Lake mead Blvd Ste 103 North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032. Help us Help you to be the best in the West….. 424.225.2783 2.p.m. - 5 p.m.

Los Angeles Auditions and Casting will start February 26th-30th 2017 Set up your interview time asap

Born Lucky Scene

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